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Importance of Checking Your Building's Utility Bills

Utility Bills - Slattery Energy Consulting Group - New York

The first step to becoming more energy efficient is to understand how much energy is currently being used by your building. Examining your utility bills is a great place to start.

Reading utility bills may occasionally be laborious and irritating, but with a bit of work, you can learn important things like how much energy you use and how much it costs.

Here we'll help you uncover energy and financial savings areas by breaking down several components of your electric and heating utility bills.

Lower Energy Costs

You probably don't have much first-hand experience with energy procurement as a business owner or operations manager, which is why you need the expertise of an energy consultant. You might start to doubt if the bargain you're getting from your present energy supplier is good or if you don't know what costs are reasonable and what expenses are outrageous.

An energy expert may investigate these specifics on your behalf and provide qualified, reliable answers because they are experts in the energy sector.

Additionally, they have a wide range of industry-specific experience. Energy experts have seen it all, despite the fact that no two firms are precisely the same. They've discovered techniques that are effective in most businesses and in scenarios that are comparable to those.

Lower Your Carbon Footprint

A building's emissions are closely correlated with its energy usage and the mix of fuels it uses. Based on the emissions generated by each source and the thorough breakdown of use provided by an energy audit, you may calculate your facility's carbon footprint.

Analyzing the effects of switching between various energy sources may also be done using the findings of an energy audit. For instance, you may calculate the saved emissions if you switch from an older oil-fired boiler to a more modern gas-fired one or switch to electric heat pumps. Owners subject to climate obligations will benefit most from a precise building emissions calculation.

Identify and Fix Issues

Energy audits help building owners save money on maintenance and repairs because they identify problems that would have cost more to address later. There are several instances when malfunctions and energy waste are connected; for instance, an electric motor that experiences excessive vibration and friction is less effective because more energy is lost as heat.

If you're looking for an energy consultant to carry utility bill inspection of your building, Jim Slattery of Slattery Energy Consulting Group can conduct a thorough energy audit to help you predict upcoming costs and lower your consumption.


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