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2022 Energy-Efficient Upgrades for Affordable Housing

Energy-Efficient Upgrades - Slattery Energy Consulting Group - New York City, NY

Housing costs in the world, especially in New York City, are increasing rapidly. While we can’t really do much about lowering the construction and building expenses, we can upgrade our houses in a way that could make housing more affordable. You may wonder how the cost of housing can be reduced by upgrading a house. We’re here with all the answers you’ll need.

With energy-efficient home upgrades, there will be a considerable reduction in utility and maintenance costs which will eventually reflect in the housing costs, making it possible for low-income families to lead a comfortable life, where they don’t have to struggle every day to make ends meet.

Below is a list of some of the most effective energy-efficient upgrades that can make housing a lot more affordable for the masses:

1. Roof Replacement

The older the roof, the poorer its insulation capacity will be. The first and most important upgrade you should consider is replacing your roof. The newer roof will reflect more heat than absorb, keeping your house cooler naturally. This would lower your electricity costs as you’ll have to use your air conditioner for shorter durations.

2. Window Replacement

You should consider investing in energy-efficient windows that keep the heat out of your home in summers and retain the heat inside your home in the winters, keeping your house cooler in summers and warmer in winters. This reduces the load on your heating and cooling systems, and this is reflected in lower electricity bills.

3. Replace Appliances

Home appliances like washing machines, dishwashers, and microwaves are among the most energy-consuming appliances. They start to consume more energy as they age. Replacing these appliances with newer, more energy-efficient ones will help you save on utility costs in the long run.

4. Replace Lighting

It’s time you remove the old lights in your home and replace them with newer, energy-efficient lighting like LED lights to cut down on energy costs.

Slattery Energy – Helping You with Energy-Efficient Housing

Companies like Slattery Energy offer a wide range of services to help you transform your home into a more energy-efficient space. Jim Slattery of Slattery Energy is dedicated to making the country more sustainable and energy-efficient and helping low-income families lead a comfortable life. With services like natural gas procurement, energy consulting, and energy-efficient upgrades for residential and commercial complexes, the company is helping New York City become of the first cities in the world to make a mark in this sector.


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