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Energy Bill Auditing - Slattery Energy
Natural Gas Procurement - Slattery Energy

Energy Bill Auditing

We excel in providing meticulous and comprehensive energy bill auditing services, encompassing natural gas, oil, and electricity. Our specialized approach to auditing ensures a thorough examination of all aspects of your energy bills, from natural gas consumption to oil and electricity usage. By leveraging our expertise in the intricacies of each energy source, we identify opportunities for cost reduction, enhance efficiency, and empower our clients with the insights needed to make informed decisions about their energy consumption. 

Natural Gas & Electricity Procurement

At Slattery Energy, our commitment to securing the best utility prices for our clients is unwavering. Recognizing the distinctiveness of every supplier, we leverage our personal relationships and cutting-edge proprietary software technology to tailor our approach. Whether negotiating directly with suppliers or conducting auctions, our goal is to identify the most competitive natural gas and electricity prices in the market. Through a transparent and competitive bid process, we ensure favorable terms and conditions for our clients, empowering them with cost-effective solutions that align with their unique energy needs.

Heating and Solar Energy - Slattery Energy
NYC Local Laws - Slattery Energy

Heating Plant & Solar Energy Projects

Can't make money on rent? Save on electricity expenses and get solar panels for your building.

The NYC Local Laws 92 and 94 require all new buildings and buildings undergoing major roof renovations to be covered with solar panels, green roofs, or some combination of the two.

We can help by getting a quick indicative quote and ROI financial analysis, bringing in multiple companies to bid, review options, and secure financing and rebates. 

NYC D.O.B. Local Law Compliance & Consulting

Owners are rewarded for environmental building improvements. If you need a service provider for a capital improvement project, we will bid the job to qualified contractors and ensure the project capitalizes on available government incentives such as rebates.


Local and national regulations are constantly changing. Whether it’s local law, environmental regulation, or building efficiency requirements, we make sure your buildings are in compliance.

Working with Financial Documents
Boiler Replacement

Energy Budget Forecasts

Understanding the importance of effectual energy budgeting in managing operational costs for buildings is crucial to their success. Our dedicated team employs advanced forecasting techniques to provide clients with accurate and insightful energy budgets. By analyzing historical data, market trends, and future projections, we offer a comprehensive and transparent outlook on anticipated energy expenses. This proactive approach enables clients to plan strategically, mitigating financial uncertainties and optimizing budget allocations.

Boiler Replacement Projects

We specialize in seamless and efficient boiler replacement project management, coupled with the added benefit of securing valuable rebates for our clients. Our experienced team navigates the complexities of the entire replacement process, from initial assessment to installation, ensuring minimal disruption to your operations. Beyond project execution, we actively seek and secure rebates to maximize cost savings for our clients, making the transition to new, energy-efficient boilers even more financially advantageous.

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