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Learn how we've been able to improve the energy operations for these great companies and partners over the years.

Eileen McDonald Egan, Community Mainstreaming Associates

James Slattery has been a longtime supporter of Community Mainstreaming Associates, a nonprofit charity that provides programs and services for people with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities, like Down Syndrome and Autism.  

Jim is a generous donor who has participated on our Golf Outing Committee for over 20 years.  He also shares his professional expertise with us, by helping us find the best providers of energy services for our 13 homes on Long Island, and negotiating the best rates.  We are so grateful to have Jim in our corner.  He is a great friend. 

Pat Siconolfi, Former Director of CHIP

Simply put, Jim Slattery is the best. I’ve known him for 17 years and in that time have seen him as a highly experienced professional with a commitment to serving his clients needs. His honesty, loyalty and dedication are beyond question. 

Further, I have always seen him able to find a solution to complex problems in his field. He has been, and remains, the “go to” guy for questions building professionals have about energy and its use in buildings. He is a friend, both to me and to CHIP, whose support I have been able to count on many times over the years. 

Jac Zadrima, Genesis Realty
Jim Slattery was an energy partner before energy partners were a thing. I met him years ago when everyone was buying 6,4 and 2 oil and he was the only “oil guy” who is transparent about pricing, upcoming industry changes, and laws. He was always intuitive and concerned about the industry that he supported. His goal today as he embarks on his own energy company is the same goal he has always had from the beginning of his career; to put his customer first. Jim not only nurtures and cares for my business because he knows that’s what supports his business, he supports me because he’s my friend.
Matt Engel, Langsam Property Service

Jim Slattery has been our Chief energy supplier and consultant for the better part of 30 years. Langsam puts the ultimate trust in Slattery and deeply believes Jim Slattery has our buildings’ best long-term interest at heart. Whether it has been supplying oil or gas, consulting on boiler conversions and installations, or working on recent regulatory and energy efficiency upgrades there is no one that Langsam trusts more.

Ben Schwartz, Metropolitan Property Services
I have worked with Jim Slattery in various capacities over the past 30 years. He has been my guide through the “energy jungle” over the course of my career. Jim went quickly from vendor to friend and advisor. On many occasions, he would give me the right advice on industry issues, even if it would put him at a personal disadvantage. He is certainly an individual that puts doing the right thing for his long-term clients over making a quick dollar. Jim’s company Slattery Energy Consulting allows him to showcase his true skill set of helping his clients save money and budget their way through tough economic times. Most recently, Jim’s firm successfully bid out our natural gas futures to a near-historic low, saving us countless dollars. As the President and CEO of Metropolitan Property Services, I personally endorse Jim and his firm for all of your energy needs.
Charles Hirsch, Milbrook Properties Ltd. 
I have been working with Jim Slattery for over 30 years. He is very dedicated to his work and provides top-quality services.  He identified key money-saving strategies and implementations to help us comply with all of the NYC Local Laws. Jim is a one-stop-shop for your property's energy needs.
Marco Tolisano, Former Employee
I was a Sales Analyst working for Jim Slattery at Original Energy for almost 8 years.  Under the direct mentorship of Jim, I was promoted from sales assistant to Senior Sales Analyst as our company grew exponentially under his leadership in 3 short years.  This was my first job in the energy field, and I never thought or imagined it would end up becoming my career.  In my first few months under Jim Slattery’s tutelage, I quickly realized what an amazing opportunity I was given to be able to work alongside him.  Any time I needed an answer to a question or a situation, Jim was an endless resource of information and knowledge.  In Jim’s 32 years of energy and multi-family experience, there was rarely an issue he had not encountered or been prepared for.  Jim’s greatest asset, however, has always been his customer relationships and service.  Jim’s mantra he passed along to me and how he built his long sustaining career was always putting the customer first.  He continually taught me our success hinges on our clients’ success.   Jim never “sold” anybody.  He always presented the facts and explained in detail the pros and cons of any major energy decision for his clients.  Day or Night; weekday or weekend; holiday or vacation; Jim is available.  Since my first week at Original and everyday thereafter, I have tried to emulate Jim’s hard work, honesty, and integrity.  Since moving on to a much larger role as Director of Sales at a new company, I still utilize skills I learned from Jim on many of my day-to-day tasks.  I absolutely attribute my success to my former boss who taught me more about an industry and client relationships I could never have learned in any class or business school.  He was an amazing mentor and continues to be an even better man.  I am beyond grateful he gave me the opportunity to learn, discover, and grow in this industry and is the main reason I have a successful career today.
Andrea Hirsch, Project To Cure
I met Jim over 25 years ago when I began working at Milbrook Properties only a few years out of college. Our friendship was immediate and our business relationship followed suit. When our son was diagnosed with and recovered from a life-threatening Brain Tumor, Jim’s support was immediate and ever-present. To honor our son’s very excellent outcome from a very bad diagnosis and to “pay it forward” our family started a foundation to benefit from Cancerous Brain Tumor research and cures with the Northwell Health System Foundation. The name of this organization is Project To Cure. Jim was among the first to volunteer and join our Board. He has spent countless hours of time and dedication to our foundation which is now entering its 16th year of life. Over the 16 years of fundraising, Jim has been at the forefront of gathering donations and helping us fill attendance to our Annual Golf and Tennis Outing. In addition to his support of time and effort, his financial support of Project to Cure is selfless. At the annual Golf and Tennis event, he assists us in running it and raising funds in addition to the attendees he helped us gather. Jim gives 100% of himself in everything he does from his own business to support others in their lives and their charities as well. We are forever indebted to Jim for his friendship and unwavering support of our family, our business, and our friendship. 
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