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Natural Gas Procurement - How It Works

Natural Gas Procurement - Slattery Energy Consulting Group - New York, NY

Natural gas procurement is a complex process that you might not be aware of. There are many different stakeholders involved, and each has their own role in the process.

It's important to understand how this process works so you can better manage your natural gas consumption. Keep reading to learn more about our gas procurement process in New York City.

How To Choose a Natural Gas Provider?

Nowadays, it is easier than ever to find a natural gas provider in New York. There are many different companies out there, and each of them offers its rates for the services they provide. To choose the right company for your needs, you have to first know what type of service you need.

If you're looking for a residential customer who just wants natural gas, this will be an easy decision because all providers offer those services. However, if you're looking for something more specific, like a commercial business with high usage rates, it becomes much more difficult as not all providers offer those service levels. When choosing from one or two potential providers, make sure to compare prices and read reviews online before making any final decisions.


The wholesale price of natural gas has been falling since 2009 due to low overall demand, increased pipeline capacity for delivery of Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) from overseas markets, and competition among marketers. Your GSC typically sets their charges according to the term, which equals one million British Thermal Units - BTU.

With all these factors at play, it's easy to see how you can save money by shopping around at marketplaces where many choices are available, including comparing prices. Slattery Energy is the first and only company in its industry to offer a fully personalized experience. With our proprietary software technology, we can negotiate directly with suppliers or hold auctions for buyers looking at competitive rates without having any middlemen take their cut out of every sale transaction - an approach unheard of until now.

What Happens After You Sign Into a Plan?

After you have decided to purchase natural gas from a specific company for an agreed-upon price, natural gas suppliers will offer plans with different rates and contract lengths, but the most common are 12-month contracts. You can also opt for a variable rate plan if you want to take advantage of lower prices when they're available.

The decision on which type of agreement best suits your needs should be based on how long you plan to stay in your home and what your budget is like while still getting the maximum benefit from low prices when they happen.

Natural as Procurement In New York, NY

If you’re looking for a natural gas company in New York City to help you manage your consumption and make sure your home is as comfortable as possible this winter season. In that case, Slattery Energy Consulting Group offers the best procurement services that ensures that you pay less.


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