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How Does an Energy Audit Work?

Energy Audit - Slattery Energy Consulting - NYC

An energy auditor will examine your structure from the exterior. They'll look at a range of components, including windows, walls, and eaves, to determine if any serious problems are causing leaks into or out of your property.

What to Expect in an Energy Audit

An energy audit carried out by an energy consultant can help you minimize your carbon footprint by identifying energy-wasting areas in your property. As you may be aware, lowering your energy use can help you save money on your utility bill. This article will go through what an energy audit is, why it can save you money on energy, and why you need Jim Slattery and Slattery Energy to perform your energy audits.

An energy audit has three parts: evaluation, testing, and efficiency-enhancing suggestions. A licensed energy auditor will visit your building and do an inside and exterior walk-through to assess your energy use and identify problem areas.

Why Hire an Energy Consultant?

An energy consultant such as Slattery Energy will examine key factors that contribute to the overall energy efficiency of your house or company during their walk-through.

The Initial Inspection

The auditor will examine your heating and cooling systems, often known as HVAC systems, as well as your insulation, which will include the basement and external attic walls of your property. They will also count and measure the number of doors and windows in the building and collect external measures.

Energy Auditor In New York

Following the evaluation and testing of your home or business facility, the energy auditor will present you with a detailed list of recommendations for energy efficiency improvements you may make to help you cut energy costs. Most of the suggestions can help you save money on utility costs if you follow them.

Finally, an energy auditor will conduct a thermographic scan in addition to the air tightness test to measure your company or home's energy consumption. In addition, they will utilize infrared cameras, surface thermometers, and furnace efficiency meters to assess energy use. All of this can help you significantly reduce your energy costs. Contact Slattery Energy and Jim Slattery today for your quote.

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