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How to Estimate Your Energy Use

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Bill-budgeting is a crucial part of being fiscally responsible. Even if you can easily pay off your monthly bills, there is no harm in paying attention to energy usage and to make sure that the bills are accurate.

Accurately estimating an electricity bill requires you to find how much each device and appliance in your house is used. Thankfully, finding this out is not as difficult as it seems.

Calculating Electricity Usage:

As we mentioned, the first step in this calculation is determining the amount of electricity watts every device and appliance in your house is consuming. This can be calculated by the following formula: The appliance/device wattage x number of hours that the device/appliance is used daily.

However, this formula will result in a ‘watt-hours’ answer and, in order to convert it to kilowatt-hours, you need to divide the answer by 1,000 (this is because 1,000 watts = 1 kilowatt). Hence, by dividing the watt-hours number by 1,000, you will be able to learn the per-day kWh usage of the device or appliance.

The next step is to calculate the per-month usage – this requires multiplying the per-day kWh number by 30 (this is because a month, on average, has 30 days). So, the formula for monthly usage is: kWh per-day usage x 30.

Calculating Electricity Costs:

Calculating the electricity cost for a device or appliance will require you to take the kWh monthly usage (discussed above) and multiply it by the electricity rate specified by your electric plan and/or utility company.

The formula for calculating the electricity cost would be: kWh monthly usage x monthly electricity rate ($/kWh).

For those on variable tariffs, calculating the electricity cost might be considerably trickier. Therefore, we recommend using a usage monitor which provides an estimated monthly cost.

Calculating Cost per kWh:

In order to calculate the per kWh cost, you will need to find out your specific electric rate, and the wattage of your device or appliance (this can often be found on the item itself; if not, you should be able to find it through Google).

Once you have the above two numbers, use the following formula:

(Appliance or device wattage x per day use (in hours) ) / 1,000 x per kWh electric rate.

The answer would be your per kWh for the particular appliance or device.

Energy Consultant In New York, NY

To sum up, calculating the energy bills helps you make sure that you do not go over budget. In addition, it gives you an idea about the areas where you need to cut down on energy consumption. To learn more about the ways to optimize your energy usage and cost, please feel free to reach out to the energy consultant Slattery Energy.


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