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How to Prepare Your Building’s Energy Resiliency for the Next Major Storm

Building Energy Resiliency - Slattery Energy Consulting Group - NYC

Energy resiliency is a crucial factor that households in the U.S. should consider for energy efficiency and preservation. To ensure you prepare well for the next major storm in your city, acquiring resilient renewable energy is crucial. As a homeowner, you might wonder how you can plan ahead with the best options in hand. An energy broker in New York City may help you make a wise choice. Let us help you take a quick start with a few important steps.

Energy Resiliency Tips You Should Remember

The following tips and ideas may come in handy when preparing your building’s energy resiliency.

Identify Your Building’s Vulnerabilities

Identifying your building’s potential vulnerabilities is a crucial step. You may make a list of essential systems like heating, lighting, cooling, medical equipment, and communication devices to evaluate your uninterrupted power needs. While doing so, you may also check your building’s dependency on the central power grid to spot threats during power outages.

Invest in Efficient Power Backup Sources

Power backup sources are a must-have when preparing your building’s energy resiliency. You may consider backup devices like generators, battery-powered solar panels, and microgrids to keep your appliances and internal systems running smoothly. These backup solutions can help you protect your appliances from power interruption dangers.

Focus on Improving Energy Efficiency

With more efficient appliances and systems coming to the market, more households are focusing on improving energy efficiency. To prepare well for the next major storm, you may invest in energy-efficient lighting and home powering systems. Conducting regular audits can help you evaluate your energy consumption costs and make plans for betterment. An NYC gas consulting firm can help you in this regard.

Improve Your Building’s Infrastructure

Energy resiliency requires efficient infrastructure. For efficient planning, you may invest in improving your building’s infrastructure to accommodate renewable energy solutions. These options can help you in the long run when aiming to preserve energy and reduce consumption costs.

Develop Comprehensive Emergency Plans

When the storm arrives, you must be prepared to take the necessary steps for energy resiliency. As a part of the preparation plan, you may develop comprehensive emergency plans to avoid energy-related disasters.

Building Energy Resiliency In New York

The above information highlights how you can prepare your building’s energy resiliency for the next major storm. If you need an expert energy consultant to help you with thorough planning, Jim Slattery at Slattery Energy can help you. Get in touch with the firm today to discuss your needs.

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