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How to Reduce Energy Consumption in Your Multi-Family Property

Energy Consumption Usage - Slattery Energy Consulting Group - NYC

Living in a multi-family property can be problematic in terms of energy consumption. With more residents using energy through home appliances, the risk of electrical problems and excess power use increases. As a homeowner, you might wonder how you can reduce energy consumption. If you have been disappointed by many, we can help you with a few basic solutions. Let’s dive into the details to know how to reduce energy usage and utility bills.

Efficient Ways to Reduce Energy Consumption

We recommend going through the following list before calling an energy broker to acquire efficient energy systems.

Upgrade to LEDs

Your house’s lighting has much to do with energy usage. Using high-power lighting systems makes you more likely to bear hefty costs in a multi-family residence. By switching to LEDs, you can significantly cut down power consumption. Seeking guidance from an energy consultant can help you choose the best lighting systems.

Use Smart Thermostats

Your home’s HVAC system can greatly impact your energy costs. One way to reduce the costs in a multi-family property is by using smart thermostats. These thermostats can sense temperatures and trip HVAC systems based on heating and cooling requirements. This way, your HVAC unit may stop running unnecessarily.

Seal Air Leaks

Air leaks can add up to your utility bills in terms of power consumption. If your house leaks air from certain points, your HVAC system may keep running to maintain an optimal temperature. By ruling out air leakage, you can save energy costs. Seeking assistance from an NYC gas consulting firm can benefit you in this regard. They can suggest the best ways to prevent air leakage issues.

Invest in Energy-Efficient Appliances

With energy preservation methods gaining popularity, brands are manufacturing energy-efficient appliances for homes. Investing in them can benefit you in terms of power consumption. You can lower the energy costs without compromising on the efficiency part.

Educate Your Family

You may also educate your family members on the best energy usage practices. Avoiding unnecessary use of lights, fans, and air conditioning units can save you from high electricity bills.

Energy Consult NYC

The above information highlights how you can minimize energy consumption in a multi-family property. If you need efficient home-powering solutions in New York City, Jim Slattery from Slattery Energy can help you. Get in touch with the firm today to discuss your needs.


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