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Energy Cost-Saving Measures to Utilize for Your Building

Energy Savings - Slattery Energy Consulting Group - NYC

Commercial buildings can hog energy if you’re not too careful and easily account for a significant chunk of change over time. In fact, many commercial buildings in New York City waste their energy.

In other words, these are precious resources that you can use elsewhere. However, all you need to do is make a few tweaks, and you should be able to bring down your energy expenditure by a significant margin.

Here are a few cost-saving measures identified by a leading NYC gas consulting company that you can start using right away.

Don’t Skip Routine Maintenance for Your HVAC

Did you know that the HVAC system accounts for roughly 50% of energy costs in commercial buildings? A huge chunk of this energy is wasted when the HVAC system isn’t properly maintained. This is why it is crucial to hire an HVAC professional to routinely inspect your system and make it more efficient.

The professional should inspect the HVAC system for debris, dust, and dirt that could be making your system work harder than it needs to set the right temperature.

Add Insulation

Adding insulation is the easiest trick in the book, and it's relatively inexpensive. You could lower as much as 10% of your energy bill if you set up proper insulation and seal your building. This applies to the windows, walls, dust, and electrical outlets.

Turn Off Electronics that Are Not in Use

It is important to remind your employees every now and then to turn off devices that they are not currently using. For example, employees should turn off lights and equipment that they are not using any longer.

Install IoT and Sensors

The latest IoT equipment can automatically turn off or reduce lighting, heating, and air conditioning, depending on the number of occupants in the room. Programmable building controls are extremely useful because, unlike humans, they never forget to turn off or reduce lighting and the HVAC.

Install LED Lights

LED lights are extremely energy efficient and can last a lot longer than traditional incandescent bulbs. In fact, LED lights use up to 90% less energy, which will reflect in your utility bills!

Energy Cost Advisor NYC

Finally, you can have someone, an experienced energy broker such as Slattery Energy, audit your commercial building for energy usage and review your bills. They can look at your service and maintenance records to conduct a full inspection and identify areas of improvement.

Contact Jim Slattery and team to learn more about how you can reduce your energy costs and utility bills.


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