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How Using an Energy Broker Saves You On Money in Fuel Oil Costs

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According to the Environment Impact Assessment, the United States consumes more than 19 million barrels of fuel per day. With the high oil consumption and the expensive cost per barrel, many businesses are looking for ways to save money on their fuel oil costs, and there is one way they can.

Three Ways How an Energy Broker Helps You Save Money

There are many reasons why you need an energy broker, and some of those reasons are mentioned below.

1. Market Analysis

One of the ways how an energy broker helps you save money is through in-depth market analysis and helping you switch to a cheaper deal. They review different deals, keep up with fuel oil market changes, and go through various suppliers to get the best deal.

Energy suppliers give different quotes as competitive offers, and they often charge differently for different factors of fuel oil, such as third-party costs. An energy consultant has the expertise to compare quotes and do market research to get the best deal possible.

2. They Get a Better Price

Fuel oil supply is a competitive business that pits suppliers against each other, lowering the price to compete for your business. Energy brokers add fuel to the fire. Since suppliers know that an energy broker has many contacts and that they are competing with other suppliers, they will readily lower the price.

Additionally, an energy broker brings a lot of business. If you went to a supplier on your own, you only bring one business, yours. However, your energy consultant allows them to reach other businesses.

3. Natural Gas and Fuel Oil Procurement

According to the Independent Petroleum Association of America (IPAA), there are more than nine thousand independent natural gas and oil producers in the USA. Each of these suppliers has its pros and cons.

Energy suppliers differ based on their product, and your business would come into a long-term contract with them. The problem comes with finding and procuring these suppliers in time. Your energy consultant can speed up natural gas and fuel oil procurement, saving time and money.

Get in touch With an Energy Broker Today.

Now that you know how an energy broker helps you save money, you need to get in touch with one. Jim Slattery founded the Slattery Energy Consulting Group with more than thirty years of experience under his belt. Slattery Energy can help you with competitive natural gas and fuel oil procurement.


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