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Fixed vs. Variable Energy Plans

Fixed vs. Variable Energy Plans - Slattery Energy Group - NY

As a resident or business owner, you have the choice to choose between fixed or variable energy plans in your area. But how do you know which one suits your needs best? This is where NYC gas consulting comes in. Energy procurement can be a complex process, and you'll want to make sure you get the best deal. This is only possible when hiring an experienced energy broker in New York City.

Variable Energy Plans

In a variable-rate energy plan, the cost of each unit of energy fluctuates on a cyclical basis in accordance with the wholesale energy markets. As a result, you might expect more risk and volatility of change for your business's energy rates, which normally fluctuate every month.

The energy market is impacted by a number of variables, such as supply and demand, temperature, governmental regulations, and more. So, unless there is a need to reduce the range of rate adjustments and amount of financial risk, this type of energy plan is not opted for by commercial and residential consumers. Also, you will find it more challenging to budget when you have a variable-rate energy plan since the factors that determine the cost are constantly outside of your control.

On the other hand, a variable rate plan may wind up saving you the most money in an energy market where costs are down. Instead of being locked into a contract with a higher price, you will be able to benefit from falling pricing.

Active clients who follow the energy market and are constantly looking for the best deal benefit the most from variable rate plans. There are frequently no cancellation fees for plans with variable rates. This implies that you are free to change service providers and begin a new plan anytime you discover a better offer or believe that the current state of the market will make it worthwhile.

Fixed Energy Plans

Under this plan, the cost of each unit (therm of gas or kilowatt-hour, kWh) is predetermined and remains so throughout the duration of the contract. Your energy rate won't change as a result of what happens to the energy market.

The cost of a fixed-rate energy plan is determined by the wholesale energy rates in effect at the time the contract is signed. In an effort to lock in a low rate (price), you anticipate future rate increases. In essence, the decreased energy expenses during the energy plan contract time benefit your company.

A fixed-rate plan will help you save the most money if power prices are on the rise in your area. You will be able to continue paying the reduced amount specified in your contract until it ends, even if power costs increase. The regularity and dependability that fixed-rate plans offer are one of their main advantages. You won't ever be caught off guard by an unexpected increase in energy costs.

Energy Savings In New York, NY

For individuals who wish to avoid danger when it comes to their finances, this might be extremely helpful. Jim Slattery of Slattery Energy is an experienced energy consultant that can help you get the most out of your fixed or variable energy plans in New York.

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