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Costs Of Switching Your Building from Oil to Natural Gas

Switching Natural Gas To Oil - Slattery Energy - New York, NY

With natural gas heating systems offering higher heat production, better efficiency, and lower maintenance costs, it is easy to understand why you want to switch your building or home from oil to natural gas.

However, despite the countless benefits, it is essential to consider the overall costs of making this switch with a reputable energy consultant.

With over three decades of experience, Slattery Energy, founded by Jim Slattery, has done most of the work for you by breaking down and explaining the total cost of switching from oil to natural gas.

Costs of Switching Your Building from Oil to Natural Gas

Generally, a building’s oil to natural gas conversion’s costs are based on the size of the building and current heating systems in place. Moreover, even if you have the money, you might have to wait months before you get a response from a regional gas company.

Although a natural gas-based heating system produces more energy, its running costs are high. On the other hand, the cost of heating oil or investing in new oil heating equipment is relatively lower.

  • Even if you pay the high cost of switching your building from oil to gas, do not expect a cost payback right away.

  • In general, the payback period can take fifteen years or even more.

  • This means that unless you have the means to invest in the conversion and also pay for the expensive heating, sticking to oil may be better for you.

Furthermore, despite the increasing popularity of natural gas-based heating systems, finding a company to help you with the entire conversion project will be very difficult.

  • You might end up having to obtain the permits on your own. This is more expensive in terms of the money and time you have to spend.

Since limited pipelines supply gas, you may have to re-spend on oil-based heating during periods of gas shortages.

Natural Gas Conversions in New York City.

If you are interested in switching your building from oil to natural gas, contact Slattery Energy for a complete cost analysis and an expert energy audit.


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