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The Future of Natural Gas Alternatives

Natural Gas Alternatives - Slattery Energy - NYC

Although it is the most environmentally friendly fossil fuel, natural gas nevertheless has a significant impact on the environment, which is why every energy consultant advises users to make a move towards greener alternatives. A transition to more sustainable energy sources and the fight against climate change could be supported by replacing natural gas with greener alternatives in large cities such as New York City.

So, what are those alternatives, according to NYC gas consulting companies? Let's find out.


A crucial component of the energy transition is hydrogen. In our blue world, the chemical element H2 is virtually infinitely abundant, and all that is left when it burns is essentially water vapor. However, the manner in which this energy source is created determines its environmental impact. While "grey" hydrogen actually intensifies the greenhouse impact, only electrolysis using power from renewable sources can create the gas in a way that is CO2-neutral. This is one of the reasons why many large energy consulting firms, such as Slattery Energy encourage consumers toward this option.


Biomethane virtually has the same properties as natural gas. However, it is made responsibly from biogenic waste: via fermentation, food scraps, damaged wood, sewage sludge, or manure from the agricultural sector are converted into raw biogas. The biomethane from this can subsequently be introduced into the current gas networks. Only the plants need to be controlled by electricity. Another advantage is that the value generated stays with the local recycling facilities or specialized farmers.

Wind Energy

Between 10 and 30 percent of the power consumed in more than 20 US states comes from wind energy, making it the most popular natural gas substitute during the past two years. This alternative is environmentally friendly because wind turbines don't contribute to pollution or acid rain and don't emit greenhouse gases.

The high cost of manufacturing is still one of the key issues with wind energy. Despite increasing investments, wind energy remains efficient when combined with other power sources. Wind energy pricing won't be competitive enough on the market until wind farms become affordable alternatives. The drawbacks of wind energy include the noise generated by wind turbines and the potential harm they may cause to wildlife.

Solar Energy

Solar energy is, by far, the most popular option at the moment. However, the technology required for harnessing the sun's power is still in its infancy. But, with new technologies and methods over the horizon, solar energy could one day replace traditional energy sources.

The second-most popular energy source in the US is natural gas, which is utilized for heating, power production, and industrial purposes. Energy sources are known as "natural gas alternatives" and can be used in place of regular natural gas. Since they have less of an influence on the environment than natural gas, most of these alternatives are viewed as more environmentally friendly. We can increase the amount of renewable energy we produce while reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Natural Gas Alternatives In New York

If you want to know more about Jim Slattery and your options when it comes to natural gas alternatives, then all you have to do is visit us at Slattery Energy.


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