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What Is NYC Local Law 87?

Local Law 87 - Slattery Energy Consulting - Energy Consultant NYC

All structures larger than 50,000 gross square feet must regularly undertake retro-commissioning energy audit procedures per New York City's Local Law 87 (LL87). This regulation is in existence in order to notify building owners about their energy use through energy audits, which examine and survey energy use, as well as retro-commissioning, which assures the installation of proper equipment and operation.

Energy audits carried out by experienced NYC gas consulting firms such as Slattery Energy give owners a more strong insight into the performance of the building, in addition to local legislation 84 benchmarking of yearly energy and water use. This helps push the market toward more efficient and high-performing structures.

The LL87 paper contains a full description of the energy audit and retro-commissioning requirements. The Energy Efficiency Report (EER), which is required to be filed during the year designated according to the final digit of the tax number corresponding to the building, is created using the data from the energy audit and retro-commissioning.

If the building is unable to complete the energy audit and retro-commissioning despite its best efforts, time extensions are granted for LL87. If a property is experiencing financial difficulty, it may potentially be eligible for an extension. It costs $155 to obtain an extension for LL87. By October 1st of the year in which the report is due, a request for an extension must be submitted by residents of New York City.

Regulations for financial hardship under Local Law 87 include: Listed on the annual DOF New York City tax lien sale list as having unpaid property taxes during the two years prior to the filing of the EER. Sections 420-a, 420-b, 446, or 462 of the real property tax legislation are exempt from real property taxes.

Local Law Compliance In NYC

In circumstances where the individual has unpaid bills from the Department of Housing Preservation and Development's Emergency Repair Program, which led to the property being included on the DOF's yearly New York City tax lien sale list within two years of filing EER.

If you want to learn more about local laws regarding natural gas use, turn to Slattery Energy today.


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