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  • Alex Hirsch

Current Advancements in Solar Energy

Solar Energy Advancements - Slattery Energy Group - NYC

Recent developments in the solar industry can potentially reform the energy sectors all over the U.S. Unlike a few years back when solar technology was limited to roof-top panels, modern research has laid the foundation for more efficient solar energy solutions for residential and commercial zones.

While some solar companies have made considerable breakthroughs recently, few consumers know about their fruits. Companies are constantly developing modern solar solutions to accommodate businesses and residential buildings.

We have covered a few factors below to help you understand the recent solar energy developments.

The Efficiency of Solar Panels

To start with, solar panels have become more efficient than ever before. Modern research has enabled solar companies to increase the efficiency of solar panels from 24.4% to 31.6%. In simple terms, you can generate much more power from your solar panels to empower your property. Currently, only a few solar energy companies are developing such panels. Talking to an energy consultant can help you evaluate your options.

Development of Solar Shingles

Solar shingles are tile-like panels that fit into your house’s walls to generate solar power. These aesthetically pleasing shingles allow more surface area to generate and convert solar energy. If you are building a property in New York City, opting for solar shingles can save you from long-term high energy costs. An energy broker like Jim Slattery can help you get the best solutions and pricing to fit your needs.

Production of Solar Windows

Although still in their research phase, solar windows can potentially transform the solar energy culture in residential and commercial zones. These windows have solar panels in window glasses to catch sunlight and convert solar power to electricity. What makes them more appealing is their ability to convert (almost) any light to electricity, allowing you to cut power costs.

Development of Solar Vehicles

After electric vehicles, a more efficient technology to transform the automobile industry is underway. We will soon find solar-powered cars across the U.S. These vehicles will use solar panels to generate sustainable energy for driving cars. Moreover, solar-powered vehicles will be pollution-free and cut traveling costs in the commercial and private automobile sectors.

Solar Technology In New York

The recent developments in the solar industry can completely transform energy production practices in America. Many NYC gas consulting companies are showing interest in adopting solar technology to generate sustainable energy. If you need cost-effective energy solutions, contact one of the Slattery Energy brokers today to discuss your needs.


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