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Benefits of Buying Natural Gas & Electric from a Marketer (ESCO)

ESCO - Slattery Energy Consulting Group - NY

Let's face it, dealing with utility bills can be frustrating. It feels like the rates just keep going up, and you have little control over where your expenses.


Tired of surprise fees lurking on your commercial energy bill? Slattery Energy can help! As your Energy consultant, we become your partner in energy savings.

Benefits of Natural Gas and Electric Procurement From a Marketers

Here's what sets ESCO's apart:

Escape Hidden Fees

Unlike traditional utilities, an ESCO doesn't add Gross Receipts Tax (GRT) or MTA surcharges to your bill. These sneaky fees can really drive up your costs. With an ESCO, you'll know exactly what you're paying upfront—no surprises.

Fixed-Rate Plans for Budget Certainty

Natural gas and electricity prices can fluctuate. An ESCO offer fixed-rate plans for electric and natural gas procurement that lock in your energy prices for a set period. This gives you peace of mind and makes budgeting a breeze.

More Than Just Fixed Rates

Need flexibility? We've got you covered with NYMEX Plus Pricing Plans that track market changes while still providing stability. Plus, we offer standard variable rate options for those who are comfortable with market fluctuations.

Simplified Billing

Managing multiple energy bills can be a bother. That's why we, as your energy broker, we work with your utility to consolidate your natural gas and electricity charges into one easy-to-understand statement. It's simpler record-keeping and better control over your energy costs.

Reduce Your Energy Consumption

We offer energy audits to identify areas where you can optimize your energy usage and potentially save even more money.

Energy Expertise In New York

With over 35 years of experience in the New York energy market, Slattery Energy is your go-to energy consultant. Spearheaded by CEO Jim Slattery, our team of energy consultants knows how to manage the complex process of energy procurement in New York City. We use our expertise and strong supplier relationships to secure the best rates for your business.

Don't settle for overpaying on energy. Contact Slattery Energy today for a free consultation! 

We'll analyze your energy usage and develop a customized plan that saves you money and gives you peace of mind. Contact our team to learn more and discover why Slattery Energy is the preferred NYC gas consulting company for the CHIP organization of NY multifamily building owners.


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